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I trudge through grass that is too tall through raindrops that came on too fast and too heavy, but ended too soon, to turn off the sprinkler that I left running in the back yard.

Too many weeds and too many ideas about what to plant leave me feeling too tired to accomplish anything this afternoon.

I ignore the to do list that is too long, become too distracted by mundane things to keep my children focused, and so they go to bed too late once again.

Too many people ask questions, to which there are too many answers, and so I also stay up too late thinking and talking and explaining and dreaming.

I feel as though I’ve seen too much, but somehow also done too little. The universe feels too big, but my corner of it seems too small.

They used to tell me I was too idealistic, that I tried to cover too much ground with one poem.

But I kept on writing anyway.


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