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There was a movement that began about thirty years ago in Australia called Permaculture (from perma[nent agri]culture) which was concerned about making good and natural use of our earth. I would like to suggest here the idea of church itself as a kind of permaculture.

Permaculture is a design system to create sustainable living habitats. Permaculturists seek to find regenerative solutions that are local, on-site, and natural. We have to look right in front of us and say: How can we regenerate what is right here? How can we live with what we have and make it beautiful and good? I ask, why should that not be true for church too? Wouldn’t it make sense that all we need for salvation is available for all peoples, all the time, and everywhere? God and grace cannot be that scarce. Why should any church technology be so centralized at higher levels, or dependent on major and specialized education? Maybe that was Jesus’ point in starting with fishermen?

From daily meditations by Fr. Richard Rohr
Adapted from Emerging Church Conference, Swannick, England, 2010 (unpublished)

My mother-in-law forwarded the above quote to me from an e-mail newsletter she receives. More can be found on the Center for Action and Contemplation website.

And I’d also like to include this little gem of a prayer that was at the conclusion of the message:

 Starter Prayer:
    God comes to you
      disguised as your life.


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